Monday, April 11, 2011

Rough outline: Siena & San Gimignano (v2)

Of all the days of the trip, the ones we've adjusted the most are the days we're in Siena and Tuscany. I'm really happy with how we've adjusted things, because 1) we now have more time with SAY and Dr G, 2) we're doing a few things that are new, and 3) we have lots of free time to just enjoy Italy and where we are!

- Arrive in Siena in the evening (bus or train from Rome is around 3 hours)
- Meet up with friends, check out Siena, wander around

- Day in Siena, exploring
- Possible day trip somewhere, but I think we're going to welcome the relaxing time at this point of the trip!
- Grocery shop for our time at the Villa
- Possible dinner with SAY and Dr G, pending how things all sort out that day.
- Taxi to the Villa we're staying in!

- Chill at the Villa, hang with friends, walk in vineyards, and then...

- Mid morning bus to San Gimignano
- Day in San Gimignano (one of my favorite places in Italy, and somewhere I've been telling SAY about for years! I can't wait to be there with her!)
- Night in San Gimignano

- Morning bus to Florence!

I am really, really excited for this portion of the trip. I want to relax, soak in the Tuscan sun, and take lots of photos!

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