Friday, April 8, 2011

Rough outline: Florence (v2)

I could spend an entire trip to Italy based out of Florence. It's been my home city away from home since I did a semester there during college, and I'm super excited to be heading back soon! We'll only have two nights there, so we'll be packing in quite a bit, but I think we'll still have time for everything.

- Arrive in Florence by bus late morning, check into hotel
- Uffizi gallery for Shorty - it's on her bucket list of things to do on this trip! I'm not sure I'll go in this time around, since I spend many extensive tours there when I lived in Florence.

- Addy's mega walking tour of Florence, checking out the Duomo, the Uffizi, Santa Croce, the Ponte Vecchio, Pitti Palace, my old apartment, Piazza Santo Spirito, and finally, Piazza Michelangelo for panoramic views of the city! (I know it's a ton, but really, this is only a couple hours - Florence is pretty small!)
- Dinner/snack at Eby's Latin Bar for the best crepes and burritos in Italy!

- Morning train to Pisa
- See the leaning tower of Pisa!
- Possible additional side trip to the ocean - there are a couple of little ocean towns near Pisa that would be easy to take the train to and might be fun to see!
- Possible train back to Florence early, for more wandering and shopping!
- Il Forno Di Stefano Galli - it's my favorite bakery in the city!

- Morning train back to Rome

I hope we have enough time to see everything!

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