Thursday, November 11, 2010

Europe Itinerary: Italy only.

While BF, MW, and I are still seriously considering doing both Italy and Ireland next year for our friend's wedding, there's a larger group of us going and most are just going to do the Italy portion.

So, I've been playing with two itineraries for them, based on getting into Rome all at the same time, and ending in Venice and/or Rome.

Itinerary 1:
Wednesday: depart LA for Rome
Thursday: arrive in Rome, evening in Rome
Friday: Rome, evening with the bride!
Saturday: bus to Siena, Siena
Sunday: areas around Siena, San Gimginano, etc.
Monday: Siena, WEDDING!
Tuesday: train to Florence, walking tour of Florence
Wednesday: Florence, museums in the morning, afternoon trip to Pisa
Thursday: train to Venice
Friday: Venice
Saturday: depart Venice for LA (we would depart for Ireland this day)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ticket price puzzle: Part 3

It's been another 7 weeks since I documented ticket prices, so I thought I'd give it another go even though I found the article about buying tickets in January. Once again, I used the dates of June 15 - July 1, and, well, ticket prices are holding stead at "way too high." But! The good news is that they came down just a smidge!

Prices, as of 8/4/10:
- LAX-Rome, Vienna-LAX: $1466.88
- LAX-Rome, Dublin-LAX: $1332.52
- LAX-Rome, Stockholm-LAX: $1432.00

Prices, as of 9/21/10:
- LAX-Rome, Vienna-LAX: $1406.64
- LAX-Rome, Dublin-LAX: $1331.62
- LAX-Rome, Stockholm-LAX: $1331.62
- LAX-Rome, Venice-LAX: $1418.51