Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ticket price puzzle.

Since we (as a group) decided we want to get our airline tickets for next year's trip within the next few months, I've been researching prices. I've never quite cracked the "when to buy" puzzle for international travel. So I've been testing out different dates with different locations to see what our best option will be.

We're currently considering three places to go after Italy.
- Vienna. I'd like to go back, but BF isn't totally sold.
- Dublin. BF really, really wants to go back to the West coast of Ireland.
- Stockholm. A friend has an old roomie who could show us around.

I'm currently testing out the dates 6/15 - 7/1, since it's not 11 months of the date we want to come back yet. I want to test as close as possible, because of course, we'll be going at the height of tourist season.

Here are the current ticket prices, as of 8/4/10:
- LAX-Rome, Vienna-LAX: $1466.88
- LAX-Rome, Dublin-LAX: $1332.52
- LAX-Rome, Stockholm-LAX: $1432.00

I was kind of surprised that the tickets from Dublin were the cheapest! $1300 is still more than we'd like to spend - we were hoping for more like $1200 at the maximum, so we'll wait it out a little and keep checking.

Do you have any ticket buying tips for us?

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