Friday, July 30, 2010

Already revised.

Our itinerary for next year's Europe trip is already shifting and evolving.

The Italy dates are still pretty solid - we'll be traveling there for a wedding after all, and a bunch of us will be on that part. But the rest is all sorts of up in the air!

We had previously planned to go to Vienna after Italy. But then we started thinking - we could go anywhere, really! We could go to Stockholm and see Candy K's Swedes. We could go to Vienna as previously planned and see my friend Wolfi for the first time in a while. We could make a trek over to Scotland and see the highlands. Or we could go back to Ireland and see more of the North West coast we loved so much last year.

We have a little bit of time to play around and daydream, and it's been so fun to do so. Obviously, we need to figure out where we're flying in and out of before we book, but the possibilities are endless!

If you were (or are) going on this trip with us, where would you go after Italy??

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