Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rough outline: Ireland

It's been difficult to draft our our time in Ireland because we're still so unsure of what we want to do and see. We know we want to rent a car at the airport when we get there, and we know we want to spend the first few days off the beaten path. So I'm sure this rough outline is going to change, but if I was the only one making decisions on this trip, here's what I'd do!

- Arrive in Dublin, rent car
- Drive to West Coast, taking our time and stopping along the way
- Arrive in Donegal around 4pm and spend the rest of the day in town

- Driving around the West Coast!
- Donegal, Slieve League Cliffs, and much, much more
- M and Shorty will take the train from Sligo to Dublin

- BF and I will continue to explore the West Coast, possibly Derry in Northern Ireland
- M and Shorty have a day in Dublin, possibly day trips

- BF and I drive back to Dublin, return car
- Possible morning trip to Cork for M & Shorty
- Meet up in Dublin in the afternoon
- Archaeology museum! It has bog bodies and is one of the coolest, and free, museums ever.
- Night in Dublin

- Morning and afternoon in Dublin
- Around 4pm, make our way to the Dublin airport for our flight to Rome!

I have us splitting up for a night on this trip because it'll be M and Shorty's first trips to Ireland and I think there are going to be things in Dublin they'll want to see! BF and I spent a lot of time in Dublin while we were there, so we'd prefer to spend most of our time driving around and exploring.

The things I'm looking forward to the most? The cool weather, and the sun not setting until 9pm!

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