Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Day Wander in Siena, Italy

We'll be in Siena for three nights, including for our friends' wedding! I cannot WAIT for this portion of the trip - just to be in Italy with so many friends!

- arrive in Siena late afternoon (bus from Rome is approximately 2.5 hours)
- meet up with friends, check out Siena, wander around

- bus to San Gimignano! (I've been so excited to take my girlfriends, including the bride, to this town!)
- explore San Gimignano, and possibly other towns!
- meet up with friends in Siena for dinner

- possible morning trip to another romantic Tuscan town!

- mid morning train to Florence

There's a lot of flexibility and free time for this portion of the trip, mostly because who knows what wedding-related things will come up for us to do. And there will be a bunch of people in town for this part that won't necessarily be on other parts of the trip, so I get a feeling that a structured itinerary for these few days just isn't reasonable. Fortunately, we're all cool with that!

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