Monday, September 15, 2008

CA 101 Road Trip to San Francisco

BF and I recently went on a trip to San Francisco, and it was awesome. We had such a nice time, and it was so great to hang out, spend time together, and be super goofy. We left on Thursday night, stayed in Pismo Beach, then leisurely finished the drive on Friday. Here are some of the highlights to our trip!

- The GIANT artichoke in Castroville, CA. It's the world's largest, and I had no idea it even existed prior to this trip, so it was awesome to stumble upon! I wanted to eat at the Giant Artichoke Restaurant, but we'd just had breakfast. Next time, maybe.
- Stopping at Pizza My Heart and the Pacific Cookie Company in Santa Cruz! The PCC had a lemon drop sugar cookie that was soooooo good.

This was the chocolate dipped chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie! Delicious!

- Beer & clams. We had them every day on our trip, and it was glorious. We have a new favorite restaurant in North Beach that has the absolute best steamed clam appetizer I've ever had! And I don't even like seafood most of the time!
- Volare Restaurant in North Beach. As mentioned above: Best. Clams. Ever.
- Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm sure I've done this before, but I certainly don't remember it, so it was rad.

 Sunset from Sausalito

- H&M & Zara. H&M is my favorite store, and I swear that the different geographical locations carry different things in their stores. I found a couple cute tops, and am better prepared for our trip to the East coast next month!
- Riding the cable cars. I could probably just ride those things back and forth for hours. They're so much fun, and the perfect place to people watch!
- Seeing our friend Cristina on the way home, then seeing horses and dolphins on the rest of the drive. We stopped to check the surf North of Ventura and there was a guy who was giving his horses a break from their long drive. They were just there, chillin out on the grass by the ocean. They were so sweet, and let me pet them while they chowed down on grass.

I highly recommend taking the 101 when driving north to San Francisco. Yes, it takes a bit longer than the more direct 5. But the extra time is worth it for all of the fantastic things you see on the way!

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