Tuesday, September 16, 2008

California Road Trip: Morro Bay

Our road trip to San Francisco had lots of little stops and side trips - so I'm going to break up the blog about it a little into smaller, easier to digest blogs. Cause I love you people, and don't want your eyes to start to bleed!

We left our place super early - 6:40am early - and headed up the 101. None of this "5 freeway" deal for us - what's the point of taking a road trip if you're going to be bored out of your mind and see nothing but cows the entire drive? You can see cows on the 101, too, and horses, and sheep, and even ostriches!

We stopped in Santa Maria for breakfast around 8am and then called our buddy in Morro Bay - we hadn't seen him since Christmas, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with him! Got to Morro Bay around 10am and he took us to Montana de Oro State Park for a very awesome nature walk.

I love eucalyptus trees.

Hazards Beach

Seeing our buddy was awesome - and it's sort of nice to know that we can see him with a quick 2.5 hour drive instead of having to fly to Seattle. :-) We grabbed coffee in Baywood, a little town between the state park and Morro Bay.

Baywood has this little harbor that allows people to get around the area during high tide, but then drains out to be a mucky wetland during low tide. We were there at low tide, but it was still pretty cool!

Boardwalk in Baywood

When we left Morro Bay, we made the decision to take Highway 1 to Monterey, our next stop... We meandered up the coast, stopping in Cambria for some Ollaliberry pie at Linn's and to pick up more tea! While we were there, we found these really yummy tea candies. We got the Classic Iced Tea ones and enjoyed them for the rest of our trip!

Next up: Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz!

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