Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travel blogger line?

I have a question for any travel bloggers that may have randomly stumbled upon my (very) little read travel blog: To what extent is it acceptable to "borrow" ideas you find on other sources and make them your own? And, if you borrow an idea, should you always link to the original source(s)?

I recently stumbled upon an article called "8 Quirky Towns and Villages Worth A Visit" on the website All Women Stalk. (I absolutely LOVE that website, by the way!) I thought the article was really cool - little towns all over the world that were fun and different - and started researching the towns listed in the article. 

When I got to VlkolĂ­nec, Ruzomberok (in Slovakia), I stumbled upon another, very similar article as the one that had gotten me started: Frommer's "10 Towns that Do Things Their Own Way." 

And I realized the AWS article is comprised of 8 of the 10 small, quaint towns listed in the Frommer's article. 

It made me think, and wonder. Seriously, though. Is this a common practice? Is it appropriate? I really don't know what the boundaries for travel blogging are!

I guess if it had been me, I would have tried to gain inspiration from the Frommer's article, and then create something of my own. Or, I'd have gathered a few articles on unique places to visit, and then done my own research on the ones that jumped out. 

Maybe it just bothers me because they're the exact towns, in nearly the exact same order. Or because I commented on the AWS linking to the Frommer's article, and the comment was deleted. 

But if any other travel bloggers out there read this - please tell me what you think! Is this crossing some travel blogging line? Or am I just a product of my high school English teachers pounding the "reference your sources" line into us?

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