Friday, May 4, 2012

New York: Dylan's Candy Bar

Where do I start? 

This place is quite possibly the best candy store I've been to in my life! Three floors of deliciousness, and so much variety you barely know where to start! By the bulk, by the bar, by the chunk, it was a wonderland of childhood dreams. 

Let's go by floor, shall we? 

The entry level floor was like a Sweet Factory on crack. Cases and cases of candy - sour candy, chocolate candy, chewy candy. The best part? You could buy gummy bears BY. THE. FLAVOR. Yep, that's correct. I got an entire bag of pineapple gummy bears, and enjoyed every single one of them.

Color wheel of chocolate - each color was a different flavor! I ended up grabbing a pack of bars to bring back as souvenirs! 

Chocolate books??? How "novel!"  ;-)

The lower level floor was like a step back in time. Nostalgia candy. Candy letters. Fudge. Jelly beans and gumballs by the color and flavor. It was incredible. And yet, it was quite well organized. There were checkout counters in several parts of the stores, so the lines were never unbearably long. There was a much needed water fountain, and restrooms for those who got so excited they almost peed their pants.  There was a clearance section, a clothing section, and even a section for your pets!

The Jelly Bellys by the flavor!

Hello, Hello Kitty cookies!

For the pets!

I snagged some super discounted Valentine's Day treats for our pup - they looked beautiful, but were still a people repelling liver flavor that she loved!

And finally, there was the top level floor - a soda fountain ice cream parlor type delight. Tables that were shaped as cupcakes, a full bar with grownup drinks and food for those needing a snack to balance all the sweet, and a kick ass Happy Hour!

Table in a cupcake!

Birthday cake ice cream!

Dylan's was a highlight to our trip, and I am SO excited they're opening one in LA this year! I will definitely be a regular there, and am excited to go back to the NY one on my future trips!

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