Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driving in Northwest Ireland

We spent a good chunk of our trip in Ireland in the Northwest part of the country, and we were SO happy we did. There are far fewer tourists, and it's far less "touristy." I decided to do a photo post of our driving adventure, because it was simply gorgeous.

The first lake we happened upon - it was huge! We drove next to it for about 30 minutes before we got to this point - and we were barely near the middle of the lake!

Kylemore Abbey - it was a castle, then was turned into an Abbey, and is now a museum. It was pretty expensive to go in, and we had very little time, but we still thought it was pretty incredible!

A cemetery that we found while driving down a random road looking for the ocean. And a restroom.

Then we saw this guy with a surfboard on his roof and decided we had to follow him!

The "wild Atlantic" really was wild! The sets of waves were soo crazy and close together, but that surfer still went in. BF was jealous!

I love shells and rocks - we took this one home as a souvenir!

Ocean road with - oh no! - another car! He pulled over for us and I quickly put the camera away and drove!

Hi, cow.

A little cove - the tide was really, really low.

Me on the beach! We love beaches!

Driving on the left! BF took this one from the passenger side as we drove back to Galway!

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