Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flying Aer Lingus to Ireland

The first thing I noticed about flying to Ireland last year was that flying to Europe as a 27 year old is much different than flying to Europe as a 20 year old. I was not expecting to be jet lagged - and it took a bigger toll on me than it used to. But it didn't matter too much, because hello, we were going to Europe!

It was reassuring to watch our bags get loaded onto the plane leaving LA. Even though I've taken loads of flights, and only once have had a bag lost, once is quite enough to be paranoid about it.

We had a stop over in Chicago, which was an interesting experience. Aer Lingus is a really small airline, and so we flew domestic to Chicago, had lunch at a Chinese food place that had REALLY good sesame chicken, and then exited security only to get on a tram to the international terminal, and go back through security.

TRAVEL TIP: If you're traveling through Chicago, and you have to go from a domestic terminal to an international one - eat in the domestic terminal. You won't be able to carry liquids through security to the international terminal, but there is NO food on the international side - just sodas and candy and water.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait in the international terminal long and got on the awesome plane to Dublin!

We got our own TV screens and remotes, and there were only two seats in the aisle. It was a pretty awesome way to spend the flight.

I highly recommend Aer Lingus - the service was friendly, and the experience was great - we'll be following their website for sure!

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