Friday, July 11, 2014

London: Tea Time

Finally getting back to some posts about our 2012 trip to London to see SD and Sis! To kick it off, one of my favorite afternoons of the trip - Afternoon TEA!

All ready for tea!

One of the my favorite activities on our 2012 London trip was having an afternoon tea with my two girlfriends. It's a definite "must do" while in London in my book - especially if you're like me and LOVE tea.

BF skipped this one, though, and it was probably good he did. I don't know a lot of men who would really enjoy an afternoon tea, though I know they're out there. BF used our afternoon tea as an excuse to rent one of the "Boris Bikes" that we saw everywhere and tool around London on his own, and I think that was one of his favorite parts of the trip as well!

There are a thousand choices for afternoon tea in London, ranging from the super fancy hotels to cute little cafes. Sis picked the one we went to - at Duke's Hotel - based on a recommendation from a co-worker. 

The hotel was super cute - a little boutique hotel off a main street, and the area for tea was quite lovely. The three of us were seated in a little atrium off of the main tea room - it was really perfect because we had our own little space and didn't have to worry about who was sitting around us. 

Our little atrium area!

For those who have never done an afternoon tea, it typically includes three parts: Tea and scones, along with fresh butter and clotted cream and jams, sandwiches or another type of finger food (sometimes quiches), and some little desserts. 

Our individual tea set ups

  Our shared tray of delicious treats

The scones and tea tend to be my benchmark of how good of a tea it is - and Duke's scones were nothing to scoff at! I loved that they were more than happy to "refill" our plates - we got  a few extra sandwiches and scones, but we were pretty stuffed with the offerings they gave us. Sis is vegetarian and wasn't a huge fan of all of their veggie offerings, so it was nice that she was able to get a few additional sandwiches of the ones she did enjoy.

The end results!

We had an really lovely time at our tea, and I'm absolutely planning on going again the next time I'm in England.

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