Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Dreaming of San Gimignano, Italy

I've been having a serious case of the day dreams when it comes to trip planning lately. Now that we're officially going, I've been playing around with itineraries and things to do, and talking to the people we're going to be traveling with, and I'm getting really excited.

My newest day dream? Adding a night in San Gimignano into the mix.

Our current itinerary has us staying in Siena for the wedding, with a day trip to San Gimignano and Volterra before the wedding, then going straight to Florence and back to Rome for our flight home. But then our friends who are getting married told us they're planning on doing a night in San Gimignano after the wedding before heading back down to Rome and then going on to Greece for their honeymoon. (SO awesome, by the way, I love their plan.)

So I started fiddling with things, and figured out how easy it would be for us to add the same excursion into our trip.

Here's my current plan.

Saturday evening - Arrive in Siena, night in hotel in the city.
Sunday - Siena, night in the villa across from where the wedding will be
Monday - Villa, wedding, night in the villa
Tuesday - bus to San Gimignano, check into hotel, possible bus to Volterra, bus to San Gimignano, night in San Gimignano
Wednesday - early bus to Florence, Florence, night in Florence
Thursday - day trip to Pisa and San Vincenzo (beach!), night in Florence
Friday - early train to Rome, night in Rome
Saturday - flight home

I like this plan better just because it takes us to a couple places that I've never been - Volterra and San Vincenzo - and has us stay in a couple places out of the norm. But it also still allows us to see everything on the "must see" lists of all the people traveling with us.

Now I just have to get Shorty and M on board!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are starting off with not a lot of trucking around :) that should make for a happy and relaxed group! Good job travel agent!