Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Europe 2011? BOOKED!

We booked our flights!

It's officially official - we've got our tickets for the trip! And while expensive, we found a deal that included the flight to Ireland, the flight from Dublin to Rome, and the flight home from Italy.

Our trip includes four nights in Ireland!

We'll be there for 13 nights - one night longer than originally planned, because it was actually cheaper to fly home on a Saturday than on a Friday in the end.

More details coming soon, but here's our revised (and final!) itinerary!

Itinerary [v5]:

Saturday: Flight into Dublin from LAX
Sunday: Arrive in Dublin, rent car, night on west coast
Monday: Driving day, night on west coast
Tuesday: M and Shorty take train to Dublin, BF and I keep driving, night in Dublin or on the west coast
Wednesday: M and Shorty in Dublin, BF and I return car to Dublin, night in Dublin
Thursday: Dublin, early evening flight to Rome, night in Rome
Friday: Rome, night in Rome
Saturday: Rome, bus to Siena, night in Siena
Sunday: Day trip to San Gimignano and Volterra, night in Siena
Monday: WEDDING! Night in Siena
Tuesday: Train to Florence, Uffizi gallery, night in Florence
Wednesday: possible day trip to Pisa or Venice, night in Florence
Thursday: Florence, train to Rome, night in Rome
Friday: Rome, night in Rome
Saturday: Fly home, arriving Saturday night

It also includes 9 nights in Italy!

Yay for Europe trips!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! BTW, i saw on the food network that Bobby Flay is doing a show on Ireland on Saturday night. It could be fun to watch :)