Friday, September 10, 2010

ATL Redux

My trip to Atlanta from a few weeks ago was pretty uneventful - it was for work, and I was literally there for about 30 hours. But I liked the city, and packed in tons!

Hotel room - 7th floor and nicely air conditioned!

The trip went like this:
-Worked Monday morning from 7am - noon
-Drove home, went to the airport
-Sat in the airport while flight was delayed
-Arrived in Atlanta at 12:30am
-Found my way through the airport to the rental car place
-Drove 30 minutes to the hotel in a city I had no familiarity with
-Got a smoking room at 2am, then immediately switched upon realizing it was a smoking room
-Got up on Tuesday at 7am, did some work, had some breakfast (grits! It was awesome!)
-Toured new facility, worked on project, had meetings from 10:30am to 4pm
-Took a little nap
-Met new co-workers for drinks and appetizers at 6:30pm
-Went to dinner with co-worker at 8pm
-Worked some more after dinner, went to bed at 11:30pm
-Got up on Wednesday at 6:30am, did more work, checked out of hotel
-Met blogger friend for coffee at 8am!
-Drove around aimlessly until 10am when the Atlanta Historic Center opened
-Drove to the airport to return the car at 11am
-Did LOTS of work on the airplane home before laptop battery died
-CRASHED as soon as we got home

Yeah, just writing all that out made me tired again from the trip!

BUT - I did get to see quite a bit of Atlanta, and took a couple cool photos!

We had dinner at this rotating restaurant 72 floors above downtown Atlanta - it was awesome!

The rest are from the Atlanta Historic Center - I loved it! And everything was so green!

I think I'll probably have to go back to Atlanta again around November, and I'll definitely check out the historic center again - there was tons I didn't get to see because it was so bloody humid and I had limited time! Definitely recommend going there if you are ever in Atlanta!

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