Friday, September 3, 2010

Airline tickets: Where to buy?

I have a question for you seasoned travelers out there.

Where do you buy your plane tickets?

Do you use one of the discount sites? Book directly through the airline? Whatever is cheapest?

I'm still looking at prices for next year's trip, and so far, all they've done is go up. They'd better drop at some point, or we could be blowing through our budget faster than we thought!

And then I ran into a dilemma.

See, Orbitz offers "price assurance." You buy a ticket, then if someone books your exact itinerary later for less money, you get a refund. Sounds great, right? But the catch is that little, five letter word - exact. What are the chances of someone flying from LA to Rome, then home from Dublin? Unless they're traveling with me, not very likely!

So, what to do? Do you try to find a cheaper flight, and spend the money, risking it dropping several hundred dollars later? Or do you to pay a little more up front, on the off chance that someone else books that same itinerary and you get a refund?

Right now I'm looking for the cheapest possible ticket, but I'm curious if anyone has used the Orbitz price assurance with success.

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