Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Atlanta Part Deux Redux: The Food!

We're back from Atlanta, and it was a great trip. And while I still didn't fully explore the city, I got a good taste of it! We did almost nothing but work and EAT the whole time we were there. I'll get to the stuff we actually did do later, but here's a breakdown of our culinary tour.

- Fried pickles, fried okra, a BBQ plate with beef brisket, ribs, "Fritos" pie (a bag of Fritos with chili and cheese on them), spicy green beans, sweet tea, and banana pudding at Fox Bros BBQ. I'd never had fried pickles or fried okra, and both were tasty! And the BBQ - well, I guess there's a reason they're ranked #1 BBQ in Atlanta - it was so good! We definitely ordered too much, though, we all had leftovers, which is a bummer when you're traveling.

- Two awesome breakfasts (Thursday, then Saturday) of eggs & turkey bacon, then a "Southern scramble" of eggs, turkey bacon, cheese, and greens, both along with "creamy dreamy grits" and an amazing biscuit from The Flying Biscuit Cafe. The grits and biscuit were out of this world. I would have eaten there every morning if it had been possible. And the "southern scramble" was one of the better egg plates I've had in a while. I also love the use of turkey bacon!

They had all kinds of cute "The Flying Biscuit" stuff!

Scramble with cheese, greens, and turkey bacon, the biscuit, and the "creamy dreamy grits!" This was probably my second favorite meal of the trip.

- Veggie soup, roasted chicken and veggies, and butter cake from the cafe in my work facility. This one wasn't the best meal we had, but it was free, so there's something. The cake was pretty tasty - and this is where I got my recipe for "apple dapple" cake last year!

- Fried okra, crawfish and corn fritters, shrimp and grits in a spicy tomato broth, braised greens mac and cheese, and then a dessert platter of bread pudding, apple cobbler, sweet potato and pecan cheesecake, and coconut cream pie from Wisteria. This place was great. The appetizers were yummy, the shrimp and grits were so good I ate the entire plate, and the desserts were nice because they were "small bites" and you could get a variety! The bread pudding and apple cobbler were definitely the two winners for dessert.

- Hot tea and oatmeal for a light breakfast from Library Coffee Company with my blogger friend! (I must say her breakfast bagel sandwich with egg and cheese looked WAY better than my oatmeal... but I needed a food palate cleanse!) We also went to this place last year when I was in town, and it's so cute - exposed brick walls and a good vibe.

- A large iced coffee with cream and sugar from
Dunkin' Donuts. SO excited that they had them in Atlanta!

- A pulled pork taco (with coleslaw) and a "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" taco (fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, salsa, and jalapeno mayo), rice and beans from Twisted Taco. This place was a little generic, but the "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" taco was REALLY good. Actually, all the tacos looked really good. And the burrito my friend got was giant!

- Hawaiian pizza and Blue Moon beer from Fellini's Pizza. Really good pizza, and they also had a cool vibe.

- Southern nachos with melted white cheddar cheese, french onion soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans, and peach cobbler from our hotel restaurant, the Great American Grill. The nachos were good, the meal was ok, but the peach cobbler was STELLAR.

One place we didn't try? This one:


We saw the sign and HAD to take a photo! But I'm still trying to figure out what they serve there... (Soup & salad are the obvious first choices...)

So yeah. It was amazing. I think I pretty much ate all of the "southern" things on my list: grits, greens, BBQ, fried chicken, sweet tea, banana pudding, and peach cobbler! Not really great for the waistline, but it was all so delicious!

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