Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ireland & Italy Trip "to get" list!

Things I need to get for my trip:

- A new point & shoot camera. I'm a camera gal. I have a Nikon dSLR, and I'll be borrowing a friend's Kodak Playsport video camera. But I need a new point & shoot camera. I always stress having a point & shoot camera for the times you don't want to carry around the bulkier dSLR - and my Canon Powershot has served me well for the last 5 years. But the time has come to get a new one, and I believe I've found the one I want: the Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS.

- New shoes and new customized insoles. BF bought me my first pairs of shoes with customized insoles for my birthday last year, and they are amazing. For Europe this summer, I'm looking for a lightweight sneaker that doesn't look so much like a running shoe - after all, sneakers are one of the "tourist identifiers" we used when I lived in Europe. I believe I found the perfect shoe, both in style and weight, as well as in price. The Merrell Siren Sport is lightweight and comes in a bunch of colors - I've been searching for my size in the black/plum or the dark gray. The customized insoles? I get those at either Adventure 16 or Road Runner. Trust me, they are magical.

- A camera holster and lens case. I have a few camera bags already, but what I've been searching for is a camera holster that just essentially covers the camera with the lens attached. I want something that can fit easily into another bag, so that I can pack a little lighter. And since I'll be bringing more than one lens, I would also like to get a lens case that again, can just be tossed into a bigger bag. The ones I like are Lowepro, but I may end up getting ones a bit lower on the price scale.

- Rent a 17mm - 55mm Nikkor lens. I am in love with this lens. And I see this trip as a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people, I want to make sure that I'm not longing for this lens while I'm gone. Fortunately for me, exists and enables me to rent this lens for the duration of my trip! And this lens is one of the best I've ever used!

I should probably get started on getting these things together, no? The nice thing is that I've been saving up cash and gift cards for a while, so that I won't have to spend a shit ton of money out of pocket for these things. LL Bean, Target, Amazon, and Visa gift cards - you are my friends!

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