Friday, January 9, 2009

East Coast Road Trip: The Recap

I just realized I never got around to posting on this site about my East Coast road trip! We had a fabulous time and saw so much of the East Coast, it was fabulous.

Me at Chatham Manor in Virginia

We really packed in as much as possible!

We were immediately greeted with fall in Boston, went on an awesome Sam Adams tour, and made a half day trip to Salem. We were sad to leave Boston but had an amazing time there.

We ended up in New Haven on Sunday night, where I did a quick recap of the trip. That's when I ran into major computer problems, and couldn't post much more from the road. But I did still manage two more photos.

I did put together a photo post of all the important places we hit up on the trip. I got a ton of great shots, which I'm sure I'll post some of on here.

And! While in Philadelphia, we went on a Great Cheese Steak Adventure, which I documented with photos!

I'll end this with two of my favorite "people" shot from the trip: me and my travel buddy KK at a bar in Philly. What a great trip!

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S~DLT said...

Sounded like a great road trip! What a great time to go, with cool, slightly damp air, crisp leaves falling and standard East Coast charm. I'm not big on the road trips but it seems like you had a fantastic time! I'm glad I could see all the planning and maps that went into it all.