Wednesday, October 1, 2008

East Coast Road Trip: Itinerary

As our East Coast road trip rapidly approaches (we leave a week from tomorrow!!!), I realized that I haven't written about it in a while. We finalized our itinerary a few weeks ago, when we used Priceline to book our hotel in Boston. Since we got such a great deal on our hotel in CT, we decided to spend two nights there instead of one. This unfortunately means that we had to change up our previously planned itinerary, and to cut one night in Boston, plus our proposed trip to P-Town, but is saving us about $150 on the hotel.

We decided to leave most of the trip open ended. We don't want to have too many concrete plans, because we want to explore and see random things. But there are several things we want to hit up for sure, so I'm listing them on here!

Thursday 10/9: Red eye flight from LA to Boston
Friday 10/10: Arrive in Boston, Freedom Trail tour, Sam Adams Brewery tour
Saturday 10/11: Boston, with a possible morning trip to Salem
Sunday 10/12: Boston, pick up rental car, drive to Providence RI, then to Waterford CT
Monday 10/13: Waterford, not sure what else!
Tuesday 10/14: Drive to Philadelphia, by way of Amish country
Wednesday 10/15: Philadelphia, drive to Fredericksburg, VA
Thursday 10/16: Fredericksburg, with a possible jaunt to DC
Friday 10/17: Fredericksburg, help Ashleigh with wedding favors, rehearsal dinner
Saturday 10/18: Fredericksburg, Ashleigh's WEDDING!
Sunday 10/19: Drive to DC, drop off rental car
Monday 10/20: Early morning flight from Dulles to LA

Whew! I'm super excited for this trip, but man. I just realized just how much we're packing in! I think I'm most excited for the wedding, and to see all of the fall foliage. I hope we're there at the right time for some awesome photo ops!

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