Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 & 2009 Travel Plans

I am very ambitious with my 2008 & 2009 travel plans, after going on very few trips (by my standards) in 2007. I have resolved to spend more time traveling, since I don't currently have kids or a mortgage or a car payment. All of these things are bound to catch up with me soon, so I feel that I need to take advantage of this year and next year to get some travel fixes in! My plan? One big trip and a handful of smaller trips this year, and 1-3 big trips next year.

2008 Already Traveled:
- Mayercraft Carrier cruise to Grand Bahama, Bahamas
- Central/Northern CA road trip to Morro Bay, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco

2008 Planned And Booked Travel:
- Work conference in Dana Point
- East Coast road trip to Boston, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Virginia and Washington DC

2008 Planned, But Not Yet Booked Travel:
- "Break from CA" trip to Portland
- BF's work conference in San Francisco

2009 Planned And Booked Travel:
- Mayercraft Carrier cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2009 Planned, But Not Yet Booked Travel:
- Europe: Austria & Italy, or Ireland

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